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Helping To Inspire, Empower And Transform Lives


“We got so much more out of the program than we ever expected. We couldn't have paid for something like this”.


Thank You Message

We are extremely grateful to the Partners and Sponsors of the Women’s Spirit Project whose financial and in-kind contributions enable the successful delivery of life-changing programs and activities for women in the South East region of Melbourne.  

Our Partners and Sponsors come from our community and beyond, and include Local, State & Federal Governments, philanthropists, businesses and community organisations.

Together, we inspire, empower and support women in our community to transform their life — to create a brighter future.

We thank everyone who has been part of this journey to date and look forward to continuing our collaboration. You make our work possible.

Current Partners And Sponsors



Previous Partners & Sponsors:

  • A&L Windows 
  • Carr Barnett Accounting 
  • CEO Confidential  
  • Corner Stone HR 
  • Derinya Primary School 
  • Employ Health  
  • Family Life  
  • Innate Design 
  • Life Energy 
  • Monash University 
  • Nairm Marr Djambana 
  • Peninsula Bike Skills 
  • Peta Murphy MP 
  • PressRoom Philanthropy 
  • RAW Travel 
  • Rotary Club of Frankston  
  • Russell Kennedy Lawyers 
  • Thomas Glazebrook 
  • United Bus Lines 
  • Women’s Health in the South East 
  • Women Victoria – Change our Game 

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