Interview with Phil Taylor, Pressroom Philanthropy

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Through the charitable arm of Pressroom Partners, Phil Taylor supports the Women's Spirit Project.

Phil Taylor

CEO, Pressroom Partners and Pressroom Philanthropy

Women’s Spirit Project donor Phil Taylor says he could see right away that the fitness and wellbeing program had success written all over it.

Pressroom Philanthropy focuses on providing marketing assistance and support to organisations that aim to develop life skills, strengthen families, reduce family violence, and increase participation in the community for vulnerable and diverse people. 

“I am committed to programs that support disadvantaged families and children to build strength and resilience,” he says. 

“The Women’s Spirit project fitted in with that aim because of how it helps women build their wellbeing and connectedness and get in a better place to support their own families.” 

The Women’s Spirit Project organisers impressed him with their vision and their approach, he says. He also appreciated the fact that the program’s pilot has received a glowing evaluation by Monash University researchers. 

“It’s an initiative that I felt was really worthwhile getting behind. And the organisers are a group of very high calibre people who had identified a need and had a clear vision on how to deliver a good program that seemed to tick all the boxes.” 

 ”It’s going to be successful because they know where they’re going, they’ve got a strong plan for how to get there and they’re going to be doing some great things for people who need the help.” 

“This is going to make a huge difference to people’s lives – there are going to be great outcomes out of this.”  

Article written by Karin Derkley